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Tandem or Side by Side Stroller?

Tandem or Side by Side Stroller?

Tandem or Side by Side Stroller?

Choosing the Right Stroller for Two Little Ones or Twins.

The biggest question here is whether to choose between a front and back (tandem) stroller or a side by side stroller. Both types offer it’s own unique strengths and it’s up to you to decide what works best for you and your babies needs. 

Our tandem stroller is at just under 10kgs and folds small so that it is easy to fit into the car boot. It is also compact and great for fitting through all doors and even narrow doorways.

It is just like using a regular single stroller and the size is just a little longer than the bassinet stroller, so this will offer more convenience for the parents. 

The tandem stroller is most ideal for two little ones under 4 years with a small age gap. This is because our tandem stroller can accommodate a newborn and toddler as well as an option to fit a baby capsule on the back seat. This tandem double stroller works with our baby capsule and base set and common sized capsules.

The back seat can recline all the way flat so that it is great for newborns and young babies. The front seat can also recline all the way flat, but if the back seat is occupied then some leg room space will be used so that the front seat would not be flat when both kids are in the seats. When the kids are older you can make the front seat recline flat and overlap the back seat so that it forms a trolley shape, which is fun ride for the little ones.


Now, for the side by side stroller!

The side by side stroller offers great stability and mobility. It is easier to turn and move around with a side by side stroller. It is also great for twins and two little ones to have equal front views. 

Tandem Double Stroller

This is a compact and lightweight stroller of under 10kgs that can even fit in small cars boots nicely. Although, it is lightweight itself, it is fitted with 6 double wheels and sturdy to carry up to 80kgs! It is a wider frame to fit both kids and two storage baskets and compartment pockets. With this stroller, two babies can completely lie down flat on both seats at the same time. This stroller is most suitable for twins or two little ones of the same age. 

Overall, whether you choose a tandem or side by side stroller they are both suitable for 0~4 year olds and offer comfort and convenience for bringing out the little ones on a walk or adventure.