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360 Rotating Car Seat or Booster Seat?

360 Rotating Car Seat or Booster Seat?

360 Rotating Car Seat or Booster Seat?

Has your little one outgrown their capsule? Looking for their next car seat and choosing between a 360 rotating car seat or booster seat. Both seats offers security, safety and comfort for young ones on every ride. However, there is some key differences between a rotating car seat and a booster seat. So it is important to consider a couple of things to make sure it fits your requirements.

When choosing their next car seat, we have prepared a small questionnaire to help guide you on making an informed decision. 

1. Age. How old is your little one? If your child is under 3, you would especially love and enjoy using the 360 rotating feature. It makes getting baby into and out of the car a breeze and tight spaces something to not worry about. 

A 360 rotating car seat is suitable for newborns to 12 years or 0-36kgs whereas a booster seat is starting from 9 months or 9 kgs onwards to 36kgs. The rotating car seat can be forwards and backwards facing so that it forms the baby capsule shape for newborns, whereas the booster seat is forward facing only.

2. Space. How many kids are there? If your car space is limited or you need to accommodate for multiple children then perhaps the booster seat is more ideal. The booster seat is a space saver and it is lightweight and portable!


3. Price. The 360 rotating car seat is about double the price of the booster seat but also has double the features. There is more technology and safety mechanisms in a rotating car seat as well as equipped with ISOFIX installation. It is definitely worth having a 360 rotating car seat as a child’s main car seat and a booster seat for when the child is older as a spare or back up car seat. 360 rotating car seatBoth 360 rotating car seats offers great protection and safety for your little one and well worth investment for the coming years!