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ISOFIX Car Seat Installation Strap


Enhance the safety of your child's journey with our ISOFIX Car Seat Installation Strap. Designed to fit most cars equipped with ISOFIX anchors, this strap ensures a rigid, secure connection between the car seat or boosters and your vehicle, significantly increasing security. Compatible with all Baby Way booster seats, car seats, and capsule bases, this strap offers a versatile solution for securing your child on the road.

Key Features

- Universal Compatibility: Fits any car model equipped with ISOFIX points and is specifically compatible with all Baby Way booster seats, car seats, and capsule bases.
- Robust Materials: Crafted from high-quality plastic, stainless steel, and durable polyester for maximum security and durability.
- Adjustable Length: Easily adjusts from 9.0 inches to 64.9 inches to fit different car sizes and car seat models.
- High Load Capacity: Supports a maximum load of 15000N, ensuring that the car seat stays firmly in place.
- Easy Installation: Simple step-by-step process makes the installation quick and hassle-free.

Installation Guide

1. Locate ISOFIX Points: Identify the ISOFIX interface on your car seat.
2. Position the Strap: Pass the ISOFIX connection strap through the back of the seat and around the seat base.
3. Secure the Buckles: Attach the ISOFIX buckles at both ends of the strap to the corresponding anchor points on your car.
4. Adjust for Tightness: Pull the adjustment strap to tighten and secure the car seat.

Note: Please confirm that your vehicle is equipped with ISOFIX anchor points before purchasing this product.