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Cuddly Giraffe & Swan Baby Support Pillow - Sleep Aid & Digestive Relief

Color - White

Embrace serenity for your baby with our enchanting duo of Giraffe & Swan Baby Support Pillows. These charming companions are not just adorable but are designed with your baby’s comfort and well-being in mind. Shaped to mimic a soothing embrace, these pillows are your little one’s perfect naptime buddies, promoting better digestion and peaceful sleep.

Key Features:

Unique Design: The pillow assists in relieving baby flatulence, and provides gentle pressure on the abdomen to prevent discomfort.
Comfort and Safety: Crafted to restore the secure feeling of being in mother’s arms, helping your baby sleep soundly.
Side-Sleeping Aid: Ergonomically designed to encourage safe side sleeping, reducing the risk of milk regurgitation.
Soft and Supportive: Made with plush materials gentle on your baby’s skin, offering snug support that prevents startle reflex.

Product Specifications:

Material: Ultra-soft, baby-friendly fabric with sensory texture
Size: One size fits most infants
Designs: Cheerful Giraffe with tactile elements, Serene Swan with calming features
Care Instructions: Easy to wash and care for, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and comfort

Suitable for 3 months and older children.

Package Includes:
1 x  Baby Support Pillow

Additional Information:

Peace of Mind: Designed with love, our pillows aim to give parents a worry-free, hands-free experience.
Extra Sleep: May contribute to an additional two hours of restful sleep for your baby each night.

Delivery: Pick up is Available in Flat Bush, and Courier Nationwide $5.